Third Party Quality Monitoring (TPQM)

Today, selling products, implementing services, providing support and setting up meetings can all be done over the phone – increasing the importance of the contact center for your company.  As the “face” of your company and the initial contact point with the customer, your call center can decisively influence any future purchase decisions and the overall image of your company.

To supplement a company’s internal resources, specific jobs are often outsourced to external call centers.  This makes professional and efficient customer liaison and support over the phone a key part of a company’s marketing strategy.

Advantages of Third Party Quality Monitoring

Improving call methods:

  • Increasing quality of sales and support campaigns
  • Customer retention

Optimizing call efficiency

  • Goal-oriented calling
  • Correct inquiry sequence, etc.

Maximize customer interest to increase sales

Avoid tying up internal resources

Independent and neutral quality control