Below is a summary of recent news about TSS AG:

ÖKK FairCALL Gold certified!

Das glückliche ÖKK Team am Hauptsitz in Landquart

ÖKK is the first health insurance company which reached the valuable FairCall Gold certificate. Congratulations!

TSS at the Federal Commission for Consumer Protection


On the 7th of February 2013, TSS was invited by the federal commission for consumer protection to present the quality initiative "TSS-QualityCALL". Please feel free to download the attached presentation.

First Outbound Certificate awarded to Chartis Europe S.A.

The first TSS-FairCALL certificate for outbound marketing was presented   to Chartis Europe S.A. - Switzerland on the 24th of September 2012. This proves that Chartis is living customer satisfaction and is willing to invest in quality.

We congratulate Mrs. S. Barile and Mr. S. Zimmermann and their team to this great success.

M. Taisch and F. Canzano at the award ceremony

First Utility Company in Switzerland QualityCALL certified

EKZ, one of the leading electricity providers in Switzerland, has been awarded the the QualityCALL Gold award. This is an important step in order to prepare themselves for a fully liberalised electricity market in the near future. 

Congratulations to Mr. Franco Canzano and his team!



Successful recertification of ACCARDA

During the period of the 7th - 16th of September, the first recertification of ACCARDA took place. The team, under the competent management of Mr. Gianni Cammisa, reached the excellent overall result of 90.73%.



First contact center awarded with "TSS-QualityCALL" certificat

ACCARDA AG is awarded with TSS-QualityCALL Silver

TSS awarded the first TSS-QualityCALL Label to the contact center of ACCARDA AG, Brüttisellen. The team of ACCARDA achieved an excellent overall result of 88.41% which gives them the right to carry the label “TSS-QualityCALL Silver”. The certification is valid until 30th March 2013. 

Congratulations for this excellent result. We wish the team all the best.



The first recertification valuations are due in October 2011.

TSS launches quality certification to help professionalize contact centers

(CMM-NewsFlash / November 2010)  TSS AG announces certification program for the contact center industry.

TSS now ISO 9001:2008 certified

TSS was recertified in September 2010 to ISO 9001:2008  standards, after holding an ISO 9001 certification since 2003; in addition to the certification for “Third Party Verification Services,” the company also successfully certified its "Third Party Quality & Compliance Monitoring" processes.

Winner of the Golden Headset Awards 2009

These awards for contact center projects were inaugurated in Switzerland on September 3rd, 2009.  

“The Oscar goes to….”: TSS wins Contact Center Oscar in the "Corporate Social Responsibility" category

At the award presentation, TSS was honored “as a company that, since its founding ten years ago, sees social responsibility as an integral part of its corporate values and activities.  For example, Christmas is a time for giving – to charity organizations such as the Pfarrer Sieber Social Works or the Wageenhof in Uster, rather than handing out gifts.  TSS also provides opportunities for qualified people rejoining the workforce by offering flexible part-time and ‘work at home’ job structures that contribute to employee satisfaction – and also reduces the production of greenhouse gases.

TSS has worked with the ESPAS Foundation since 2001 to provide job opportunities for handicapped people – and give them the confidence to get back to work.  Many of the current TSS employees were rejoining the workforce when they were hired 10 years ago.  The company’s workplace flexibility and independent job structures have kept employee turnover extremely low and TSS still has almost all its original team in place.  Best wishes to the TSS project team!”